PCB wat 

means what is PCB, PCB is one of the important components in electronic industry. Almost every kind of electronic equipment, from electronic watch to computer, communication electronic equipment, military weapon system, as long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, in order to make the electrical interconnection between various components, circuit boards are used.
PCB wat is composed of insulating base plate, connecting wire and bonding pad for assembling and welding electronic components, which has dual functions of conducting circuit and insulating base plate. It can replace the complex wiring and realize the electrical connection between the components in the circuit. It not only simplifies the assembly and welding work of electronic products, reduces the wiring workload in the traditional way, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also reduces the volume of the whole machine, reduces the product cost, and improves the quality and reliability of electronic equipment.
PCB wat has good product consistency, it can adopt standardized design, which is conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation in the production process. At the same time, the whole printed circuit board after assembly and debugging can be used as an independent spare part, which is convenient for the exchange and maintenance of the whole machine.
At present, printed circuit board has been widely used in the production of electronic products. Its main functions are as follows
(1) Provide mechanical support for fixing and assembling various electronic components such as integrated circuit, realize wiring and electrical connection or electrical insulation between various electronic components such as integrated circuit, and provide required electrical characteristics.
(2) It provides solder mask graphics for automatic welding and identification characters and graphics for component insertion, inspection and maintenance.
(3) After using printed circuit board for electronic equipment, due to the consistency of the same kind of printed circuit board, the error of manual wiring can be avoided, and the automatic insertion or mounting of electronic components, automatic soldering and automatic detection can be realized, so as to ensure the quality of electronic products, improve labor productivity, reduce costs, and facilitate maintenance.
(4) In high-speed or high-frequency circuit, provide the required electrical characteristics, characteristic impedance and electromagnetic compatibility characteristics for the circuit.
(5) The printed circuit board embedded with passive components provides certain electrical functions, simplifies the electronic installation procedure and improves the reliability of the product.
(6) In the large-scale and super large-scale electronic packaging components, it provides an effective chip carrier for the miniaturization of electronic components.

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