Pcb Manufacturing

Shenzhen Shuoqiang Electronics-the highest capable PCB manufacturing company in China

Shenzhen Shuoqiang Electronics is a leading PCB manufacturing player in Guangdong, China, offering a comprehensive warranty for all of its printed circuit boards as well as PCB assembly services. This is for the reason that the manufacturer is always committed to using PCB materials that are certified by ISO9001 and IATF 16949 while manufacturing its products. It means that the PCBs of the company will not only be of the highest quality and durability. They will also be designed with a bounty of safety features.
As a specialist and trusted resource in the PCB manufacturing domain, Shenzhen Shuoqiang Electronics is also an expert in delivering flawless PCB assembly services to its customers. As for assembled printed circuit boards, the manufacturer offers a variety of scrupulous verification methods, such as:
·       AOI or Automated Optical Inspection
·       ICT or In-Circuit Testing
·       Functional Testing
·       X-Ray Testing
·       Multiple levels of Visual Inspection
All these testing methods allow the manufacturer to keep up a great printed circuit board as well as circuit board assembly quality control.

Another factor that makes Shenzhen Shuoqiang Electronics an innovator in the PCB manufacturing field is the use of its data system and efficient collaboration. The manufacturer is capable of manufacturing and delivering PCBs with the highest performance speed and professionally designed printed circuit board assembling services. The professional data system of the company aids the manufacturer substantially in producing each printed circuit board effortlessly and completing all its assembly projects with maximum professionalism. All finished PCBs as well as assembled PCBs will be checked professionally and quickly.

The technical and customer support of this PCB manufacturing company is considered the best in the industry. The business has a dedicated customer support team to assist its customer to avoid problems. Once customers report the problems, the after-sale team that consists of skilled technicians will find the root cause of the problems and resolve them quickly.

Shenzhen Shuoqiang Electronics is the only PCB manufacturing company in Guangdong, China that is committed to accelerating the delivery of its products. As the company has been in the industry for years, it understands the valuable time of its customers and ships its products using competitive shipping methods.