What is FR4 PCB (circuit board)
FR4 circuit board is a kind of circuit board made of FR4 material. The similar circuit boards are FR1 circuit board, FR2 circuit board, cem1 circuit board, aluminum substrate, copper substrate, ceramic substrate, etc
FR4 is a material standard specified by NEMA American Electrical Manufacturers Association. It is a composite material made of epoxy resin, filler and glass fiber. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good mechanical processing property.
The commonly used materials for circuit boards are as follows
FR-1 -- phenolic cotton paper, the base material is commonly known as electric board (higher economic efficiency than FR-2)
FR-2 -- phenolic cotton paper
Fr-3 - cotton paper, epoxy resin
FR-4 - woven glass, epoxy resin
FR-5 -- glass cloth, epoxy resin
Fr-6 -- ground glass, polyester
G-10 - glass cloth, epoxy resin
CEM-1 -- cotton paper, epoxy resin (flame retardant)
Cem-2 -- cotton paper, epoxy resin (non flame retardant)
CEM-3 -- glass cloth, epoxy resin
Cem-4 -- glass cloth, epoxy resin
Cem-5 -- glass cloth, polyesters
Ain -- aluminum nitride
SiC -- silicon carbide