According to the monitoring data of Market, as of November 9, the liquid epoxy resin in the East China market had reached 28750 yuan / ton, an increase of 8000 yuan / ton compared with the quotation of 20750 yuan / ton on October 1, with an increase rate of more than 38.5%. The solid epoxy resin of Huangshan market and Shandong market increased by 13.85% and 15.85% respectively compared with those before the national day.
"At this time point every year, the price of epoxy resin will rise slightly. However, this year's price has increased a little bit. Recently, the price is one price per day, which is also related to the explosion of Guodu (Guodu chemical resin factory). The scale of Guodu is still relatively large, which has a certain impact on the stable supply system of the industry itself. " An epoxy resin trader in Guangdong told reporters.
Another industry person who has been engaged in the epoxy resin industry for many years told the reporter, "generally speaking, the domestic epoxy resin market is relatively large and the production capacity is relatively scattered. The accident in Guodu is accidental. Some customer demands will be transferred to other manufacturers, which will be beneficial to other manufacturers in the short term. But from the industry, the follow-up market remains to be seen.
A listed company engaged in coating industry told reporters that at present, the company has not hoarded a large number of epoxy resin, but it can not be ruled out that it will take corresponding actions to cope with the rising prices of raw materials in the future. And the above traders also said that the current industry generally believed that the price was high, and some manufacturers closed the plate, the industry was out of stock, and the phenomenon of hoarding was not obvious.
Baixue, an analyst at Baichuan Yingfu, said that the change in demand side is not great from the whole three quarters to now. At present, the downstream is more resistant to the continuous rise of upstream prices. At present, most enterprises are mainly consuming the original inventory, and the rigid demand also follows the order demand. From the previous industry rules, there will be a downward movement when the price rises to a certain extent. At present, the whole demand side is cautious and wait-and-see attitude.
However, at the same time, snow white also revealed that downstream enterprises are in a strong mood. Although some coating enterprises did not officially raise the price notice, but at present has been brewing the price rise sentiment.
Optimistic outlook on the future market
It is worth mentioning that, according to her observation, there is no strong downstream demand at the production end, forcing to increase production capacity, and even some places are limiting production for various reasons. Therefore, when the price increases quickly, some manufacturers will only quote for their original customers.
However, Bai Xue further pointed out that the factors supporting the price rise of epoxy resin will continue to play a role. From the demand side, this year is the rush to install wind power season, the demand is relatively strong. Recently, the dust explosion occurred in Jiangsu, and the overall market is in short supply. Secondly, from the point of view of raw materials, it is reported that there are problems in the bisphenol a market abroad, and the price of bisphenol A at the raw material end is also rising. (according to relevant media reports, a fire broke out in the cracking unit of the Lishui plant of LG Chemical in South Korea recently, involving the production of bisphenol A)
In addition to bisphenol A, the recent price fluctuation of epichlorohydrin is relatively large. In the case of little change in supply and demand, the price of epoxy resin has a high correlation with the price of raw materials. For the price expectations of epoxy resin, Snow White said that the comprehensive analysis of the cost side, supply and demand side plus downstream has the intention to follow up. For the price of epoxy resin, there are many positive factors. At present, the price rise has strong support and is optimistic about the future market in the short term.
Hongchang electronic related staff told reporters that the company's operation is relatively stable. From the industry point of view, the current demand side of epoxy resin is relatively strong. Benefited from the impact of the rush to install wind power, the company's production and sales situation is good this year. For the company, faster turnover efficiency is a great advantage of the company, which can help the company adapt to the pace and changes of the market to adjust its strategy and reduce the risk of long-term factors. The company will integrate various factors, combined with market conditions to adjust the company's production and sales scale. At present, within the scope of predictability, the situation in the industry is relatively optimistic.