By the end market demand weak , Android mobile phone inventory adjustment, apple mobile phone to stop the older models and the new machine has yet to pull goods start and other negative factors are printed circuit board factory second quarter operating performance will generally not ideal, fear of upstream demand is also relatively low CCL suppliers.
Last year, copper foil substrate (CCL) price increase of 70%, and in February this year, up 20%, led PCB copper foil supplier profits rose.
Full utilization of suppliers, since February, the international copper prices gradually lower, leading to rise in nearly 1 years of copper foil quotes, foundry costs in June is expected to loosen, and help lower the foil substrate, printed circuit board factory to reduce costs.
However, due to the expansion of smart phones, automotive electronics, data centers, servers, base stations and other applications, the second half will greet Apple 8 listing, IC board market or will be popular.