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Why choose the products of PCB manufacturer wat Fr4 CNC Panel PCB Print Circuit Board Supplier ?

01 Top level PCB material, from the source to ensure the quality of PCB

PCB board:SY,KB,EMC, Arlon,Nelco, Taconic, Hitachi, etc.;

PCB solution : Rohm&Haas (US) Atotech (Germany) Umicore (Germany);

PCB ink:Taiyo (Japan) Dry Film : Asahi (Japan), Dupont (US);

02 Equipped with PCBA post-lamination welding assembly line to meet the delivery requirements of finished products

In the industry, a small number of PCBA laminated post-welding assembly production lines can fully realize the delivery of finished products, circuit board production and processing of incoming materials (SMT) and post-welding assembly testing one-stop service!

03 Leading PCB process capability

The maximum number of PCB layers is 40 layers. The maximum PCB plate thickness is 8.0mm

The maximum thickness of PCB is 6OZ greater than that of 12.1 PCB

The maximum working board size of PCB board is 2000x610mm and the thinnest 4-layer circuit board is 0.4mm

Production circuit board minimum hole/disc 0.10/0.20mm drilling accuracy +/-0.0005mm

PTH aperture tolerance +/-0.05mm minimum line width/line spacing 0.075/0.075mm

04 Rigorous quality control system to effectively guarantee the performance of PCB /PCBA

Strictly follow the IPC standard control, ensure the delivery quality pass rate of 100%

Implement quality PDCA cycle process to improve product performance

High reliability and stability of PCB are ensured by imported DIONEX ICS-900 and temperature cycle test equipment

05 Experienced circuit board technical backbone

Focus on PCB production and manufacturing for 15 years, provide customers with optimized PCB solutions in the r&d stage

180 professionals with more than 9 years of experience in PCB industry have rich experience in various industry standards and quality requirements of handicrafts

06 Authoritative system certification, green pioneer

7 international system certification, national high-tech enterprises, 3 national invention patents and 68 utility model patents

Won the guangdong province clean production certification enterprise, pengcheng waste reduction advanced enterprise, circuit board industry green environmental protection advanced enterprise title



Market-oriented and increasing the benefits with management, to serve the tree brand objectives for the company.

Shenzhen Shuoqiang Electronics Co.,Ltd. mainly produces LED PCB, MCPCB, 3D printer heating PCB, FR4 PCB, single / double / multilayer sides printed circuit board of FR4 / aluminum / Copper / ceramic base materals. Can meet the special requirements of the cup shape hole, cone shape hole, mirror surface aluminum base, and the 3oz 4oz thicker copper circuit board etc. Is located in the beautiful coastal city of shengzhen,guangdong province,founded in 2011.The existing staff is more than 200,and it had passed the ISO9001:2008(certificate NO.: 117 13 QU 0199-12 R0M),international quality system certifycation UL and CUL safety certification( single / multi-layer FR4 and single / multi-layer aluminum PCB,the certificate NO. is E...

production equipment


Focus on glass fiber, FR4, aluminum base and copper based PCB circuit board production and patch and rear welding.

Product quality level checks the quality of products all up to the national and IPC standards.