Usually in the insulation material according to the predetermined design, made circuit, printed components or a combination of the two to form a conductive pattern, this process is called printed circuit.The factory,company or enterprise that provides this service process is called 

 PCB Manufacturer

1. PCB manufacture is a complicated process. The process flow is described as follows
    1.1 Production process of double sided PCB
          Cutting material --- Drilling  --- PTH --- Image transfer --- Copper plating --- Etching --- Solder mask--- Legend --- HASL -- Rounting -- Vcut ----- test --- vacuum packaging
     1.2 Manufacturing process of multi-layer PCB:
         Cutting material --- Inner Image transfer--- Lamination --- Drilling --- Copper plating --- Etching --- Solder mask--- Legend --- HASL -- Rounting -- Vcut ----- test --- vacuum packaging

2. The manufacture of circuit board usually needs a lot of precision equipment
For example, inner layer pretreatment line, Coating, Tunnel oven, Exposurer machine, Developing line, Etching line, Strip line, AOI, Browning line, Overlapping line, Xray,  Edge smooth machine, drilling machine, PTH line, Copper plating line, Dry film machine, Outer layer exposurer, DES line, Outer layer AOI, Solder mask screen, Legend screen machine, HASL, OSP line, There are also pure water treatment equipment, waste water treatment equipment and so on
3. The manufacture of circuit board also needs operation technical staff and professional management employees
A large number of equipment require lots of a large number of technical workers, different equipment also need professional process engineers to regulate and adjust parameters, a large number of workers, quality and delivery also need a large number of management employees
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